Appraisal Psychology 101

Sanedria Potter-Holt was born and raised in Winston-Salem, NC. In 1998 she left her job as a 911
Operator and moved to Atlanta Ga. It was in Atlanta that she was first introduced to Real Estate. She
purchased her first fixer-upper from a local wholesaler. She was just 24 years old and in way over her
head. The After Repair Value was way off and so was the repair estimate. She escaped that nightmare
of a deal and somehow even managed to make a few dollars, however, nowhere near the $25,000 she
had expected.

After that deal was over, Sanedria decided to go to Appraisal School so that she could be an informed
investor. She did not want to have to rely on anyone to tell her the value of properties. She wanted to
be able to determine the value on her own. She attended the Barney Fletcher School of Real Estate.
Upon completion of the course Sanedria was so intrigued by the Appraisal Industry that she found a
mentor and trained under them for 1000 field hours. She then sat for the State Exam and became a
Licensed Real Estate Appraiser. She later sat for the State Exam again and became a Certified Real
Estate Appraiser.

Sanedria went on to start her own Appraisal and Consulting Firm. She has trained and mentored many
aspiring Appraisers and has completed over 5000 appraisals for banks, attorneys, homeowners and
investors. In addition to running her Appraisal business, in 2010 Sanedria signed on as a FNMA Forensic
Review Analyst responsible for the audit and quality control of FNMA collateral. This position allowed
her to utilize her Appraisal and Review experience and to become a subject matter expert. As a
consultant to FNMA, Sanedria was the direct support for the valuation team.

Today Sanedria is an 18 year Certified Real Estate Appraiser serving Metro Atlanta and all surrounding
counties. Her company, Real Appraisals, specializes in Divorce Appraisals, Estate Appraisals, Investment
Properties, Pre-Listing Appraisals, Property Tax Appeals, Single Family, Multi-Family, Purchases,
Refinances, Appraisal Review and Land. She is a driven and accomplished Residential Appraiser with
demonstrated experience in training, auditing, quality control, regulatory compliance and forensic

Sanedria still invests in Real Estate and she also provides New Investor Coaching and Consulting. She is a
published Author with a degree in Business Administration. She has also lent her writing skills to many
clients and helped them write books ranging from biographies to relationship guides. She is also a
filmmaker and has a film set to Premiere April 6th at the AMC Theatre at Camp Creek Marketplace.
Sanedria resides in Atlanta, GA, with her family.

Come out and Learn:

– The Three Approaches to Value
– What repairs are value impacting and what repairs are not
– How to prepare for an Appraisal of your property
– How are Comps selected
– Dispelling Appraisal Myths
– Appraisal Options
– How to become an Appraiser

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Apr 02 2019


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


3400 West Hospital Avenue
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